ETHDenver 2023

Hangout with the ShapeShift DAO at ETHDenver! 🌈

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Win the ULTIMATE ShapeShift Starter Pack

Each day, we will give away one of four bespoke, limited edition, ShapeShift stickers! There will only be one type of sticker released every day, so stop by our booth daily to be entered for a chance to win.
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four

How To Enter

  • Collect all four stickers (stop by our booth every day)
  • Download our mobile app
  • Create a ShapeShift mobile wallet
  • Show us all four ShapeShift stickers and opt-in to notifications on your ShapeShift wallet

Two lucky contestants will win the ULTIMATE ShapeShift starter pack:

The Ultimate Cross-Chain DApp

Welcome to the most trustless DApp in crypto. Through our easy-to-use community-owned platform, you can buy, sell, hold, trade, and earn across 8+ chains一all in one DApp. ShapeShift is the premiere pathway to truly borderless, permissionless, and decentralized finance; an open-source, multi-chain, self-custody crypto platform enabling billions to achieve financial sovereignty.

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Fiat-to-crypto instantly!

Through our fiat on-ramp provider Onramper, you can buy and sell crypto with ease. With their vision to unlock the potential of crypto for the masses, Onramper is a valued partner sharing our vision for self-sovereign finance. Onramper aggregates other fiat on/off ramps to get the best rate for you, allowing you to choose the best option.

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Native Cross-chain swaps with THORChain!

THORChain is a leaderless, decentralized liquidity protocol that facilitates cross-chain swaps across eight blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Chain, Doge, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ATOM, and Avalanche without bridges or wrapped assets. Swap or earn from the comfort of your favorite non-custodial wallet一ours is the ShapeShift Native Wallet.

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Earn 19% with the ShapeShift DAO Cosmos Validator

Holders of ATOM一the native token of the Cosmos network一can delegate to ShapeShift’s validator and earn rewards for helping to secure the network 🦾 while qualifying for the Arkeo Airdrop. 

Earn 19% when you stake your ATOM to our DAO validator today!

Follow these steps to start earning today!
Connect your wallet to
• Visit our Earn Page
• Stake your ATOM and watch the $ roll in! 🤑