On the heels of the recent release of our mobile wallet app, ShapeShift is announcing the upcoming adoption of the FIO Protocol for its users. 

ShapeShift announces upcoming integration with the FIO Protocol

The integration of FIO will allow ShapeShift to provide a simplified user experience, allowing users to set up one human-readable address for managing all their cryptocurrency. FIO addresses are a single identifier that eliminates the need to see, or even know about, blockchain public addresses. FIO integration will allow ShapeShift Wallet users to request funds from one another or pay with a single click using name@shapeshift making the requesting of payments, from movie tickets to bills, incredibly easy. The technology works on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and every other blockchain automatically. A FIO community member recently wrote about some of these advances in usability.

Beyond usability, the numerous advantages of FIO - from the ease of integration, built in encryption, and lower customer support costs - made adoption into the ShapeShift system a simple decision.

“ With FIO we improve the ShapeShift user experience across all blockchains while advancing the usability of digital finance in general.” said Erik Vorhees, ShapeShift CEO. “We encourage other wallets and exchanges to leverage this open, decentralized standard.”

Once integrated, users will be able to claim their username and ShapeShift address. 

We look forward to seeing how our users begin sending and requesting payments via this simple and adaptable system!

The ShapeShift Team