Has it been a while since you checked in with your favorite foxes? There have been a lot of changes in the den that we think you’re going to love. Since we launched the ShapeShift Platform in July, we’ve been continuously adding new features and improving the user experience. Check out all the new benefits the platform has to offer.

No Account Needed

No account, no problem. Connect your KeepKey or Trezor hardware wallet to instantly send, receive, track, and hodl. Simply connect and follow the prompts to enjoy our intuitive web-based interface for managing your crypto. You only need an account to buy or trade crypto, which you’ll find has recently become even more compelling.

Improved Trading Rates and Higher Limits

Let’s talk about trading. Times changed quickly and our rates weren’t keeping up. You weren’t happy about that and neither were we. Our users want competitive and transparent rates, that’s why we’ve rebuilt our trade engine from the ground up with institutional-level prices and liquidity. In addition, you can enjoy higher trade limits on select coins.

$25K limits: BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH.
$10K limits: DASH, DOGE, ETC, XMR, XRP, and ZEC.

Why Trade with ShapeShift?

  • Competitive — Improved rates on all trades due to our updated trade engine and higher limits on select coins.
  • Easy — 1000+ trading pairs means eliminating the need for accounts on multiple exchanges.
  • Secure — Our non-custodial model means you’re not trusting an exchange with your funds. Your crypto. Your control.

Better Mobile Responsiveness

Your portfolio can now fit in the palm of your hand, while your actual assets remain safely stored offline on your hardware device. Checking your balances in real-time is better than ever with our mobile experience improvements. The new mobile dashboard empowers you to see portfolio change, price graphs, and stream CoinCap market data on-the-go. Additional functionality will continually be added, stay tuned!

Fresh New Look

Our original platform design was very slick. While we might be biased, the community overwhelmingly agreed. We took that feedback and aimed to make it even better. Our UI upgrade is bringing us life — complete with an improved dashboard, menu, asset page, and styling. Why stop at slick when you can be really slick? Head on over to beta.shapeshift.com to check it out.

Now Offering DigiByte (DGB)

We’re thrilled our first platform asset addition was DigiByte! You can trade, send, receive, and hodl DGB on the platform with your KeepKey or Trezor. Our interface makes it easy to manage your crypto and view your portfolio over time. Shoutout to the amazing DGB community for helping us spread the word!

Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.

We’re committed to building our users a beautiful, comprehensive, and secure crypto platform. Take the ShapeShift Platform for a spin and try out our latest updates and feature enhancements (we think you’ll love them).

🚀 Once you’ve experienced the new ShapeShift, let us know what you think! Love it or hate it — leave a comment here or chat with us on discord.